USDA – PVC (Program of Veterinary Care): Development and Maintenance of Programs.

Animals that fall under the jurisdiction of the USDA need a Program of Veterinary Care (PVC) developed to maintain the health and well being of those animals. These programs may be simple to elaborate depending on the animal species. Many of these programs have subcategories that need regular attention from a Veterinarian such as parasite prevention, disease prevention, pest control, etc. In addition, both routine and non-routine medical care needs to be provided for these animals. The USDA makes regular checks that the PVC is in place and being attended to by an appropriately licensed and experienced (for the species) Veterinarian.

Veterinary Wildlife and Exotics (VWE) can fully develop or restructure existing programs to meet the requirements of the USDA. In addition, VWE can implement and maintain any or all of the aspects of those developed programs.


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Medical / Surgical Procedures and Management:

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Veterinary Wildlife and Exotics (VWE) can provide the many aspects needed for animal care. This starts with record development and familiarization with the animals along with observations of their current status and environmental conditions. As work needs to be done on the animals VWE can provide for capture and restraint of the animals for Exams, Laboratory Work, Medical and Surgical procedures, Treatments, Vaccinations, Routine Care, Health Certificates / Shipping Requirements, etc. Veterinary Wildlife and Exotics can be called for a single one time procedure all the way to complete care and maintenance as needed for the animals.

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